Why invest in customer retention?

The lure of the well versed phrase “it is cheaper to retain a customer than to acquire a new customer”, implies a fixed correlation between increased levels of customer retention and revenue. While it is a well versed sales pitch, until recently there was very little economic proof to substantiate this claim. However, over the […]

New Year, New Job

The new job resolution The New Year starts with such promise, 365 days that have the unlimited potential to be filled with new and exciting opportunities. Certain that this year will be a good year, and to support our optimism, we make New Year’s resolutions of how we intend to better ourselves for the year […]

Why private labels are Simply Better

Ten years ago, retail Private Labels were typically regarded as products of a lesser quality, offered at a reduced rate.  Ten years on, the stigma associated with buying Private Labels has faded and the concept is booming. Retailers have employed a variety of strategies for promoting their Private Label, it is no longer only about […]

Consumers are channel agnostic.

This article was going to be titled “Online versus Offline – the war on retail” but it felt like the fat had been sufficiently chewed on this topic, and that sadly everyone had reached the forgone conclusion that offline was losing the battle. And who likes a story with a predictable ending? The reality is […]

Why big brands need to think small

Growth is always associated with thinking bigger. Growing customers, growing geographical locations and developing new and extensive product ranges. While the objective of growth is always done with the intention of remaining relevant, very few brands truly succeed at this. With the changing tide in retail, brands who smugly relied on their expanding network and […]

How do you rate your customer service?

The request for customer feedback from brands can be found everywhere; from in-store to online and on social media. While customer service centers are set up to deal with customer queries or complaints, how do we rate the level of service this service provides? Customer service is one of those duties that requires continuous improvement. […]

The Power of the Right People

The power of the right people It’s a thought provoking fact that we spend almost a quarter of our life at work. Although we dedicate such a significant lump of time to work, we have no guarantee that we will like the people we work with. Most people have experienced both ends of the spectrum: […]

Job Fair! Dublin HQ Thursday 9th Nov

We are hiring! We need extra staff in the run up to Christmas. There are super opportunities in sales, food & beverage demonstrations and merchandising for premium brands.  We are a fun, upbeat sales & marketing agency so if you want to join a really great team please drop by for a coffee & chat […]

We win GOLD!!! FMBE Awards in London!

Congratulations! to our team on winning Gold at last night FMBE awards in London. In partnership with Electric Ireland we took home the trophy for Best Sales Campaign (Ire&Uk) 2017. What an achievement!!! Well done 👍🏻 #FMBE2017 #Proud #PeoplePower

The Growing Demand of Sales Outsourcing

In recent years the outsourcing of non-core business services has become a preferred strategy by many businesses in order to maximise growth and profit. While the term “outsourcing” may conjure up images of call-centres and back-office facilities based in remote destinations, it can also apply to companies based in the same location. Sales is often […]