A demand for Quality Control

In business today, there is no room for mediocrity. Quality of customer experience has become the market differentiator in industries where products are very similar to one another. To achieve a high level of quality consistently, takes a tremendous amount of hard work, effort and attention to detail. It is an ongoing process that requires continuous assessment of actions to verify and control the quality of the output.

Quality customer service can be a competitive advantage and attract new customers, retain loyal customers, increase referrals and generate positive word of mouth.

But what does quality control mean?

There are a variety of tools that businesses can use to measure quality, but many are rigid and very operational. It also depends on whether you want to measure the quality of a product or that of a service. Measuring the quality of customer service delivery is complex, and to get an accurate assessment it requires an element of unbiased, in-situ, participant observation. Mystery shopping allows just that. As a company, you get to assess the quality of the service you offer in a discreet and professional way.

Using mystery shopping as a means of quality control enables you to define and assess the level of service at one or all of the customer touch points. It provides a clear and specific picture of the service received and the perception of the service by real customers. It outlines the gap between the business performance and the expectations of its customers.

It helps inform which areas require attention.

With the huge focus on data driven insights, mystery shopping enables you to step into the shoes of your customer. The insight gained from this needs to be integrated into the broader service delivery performance assessment. Research has shown that businesses who maximise the potential of their consumer mystery shopping program see profitability increase by up to 4%.

A demand for quality is the unspoken assessment your customers measure you against every day. It activates them into loyal customers or adamant avoiders. It can build your brand or it can be the cause of your demise.  No customer needs to settle for mediocre.

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