Do you say: Field Sales or Field Marketing?

Jul 29, 2019

There has always been much debate as to the difference between sales and marketing. Some people are firm believers that they are one-and-the-same while others tend to hold an adamant view that they are completely separate. Both are true. While there are many things that set them apart, there is also a lot that joins them together. Channels such as the digital have made marketing more accountable for the sale.  The transparency of the process means that accountability is so much clearer and as a result, the lines between sales and marketing are notably becoming increasingly blurred. Yet, this has always been the case for field marketing and field sales.


Working the front line

Field sales operations typically involve working outside the office environment to source new customers.  The marketing for the core brand message will help underpin the sale but that is not where the marketing stops and the sales begin, in this customer journey the field sales teams need to effortlessly switch between sales and marketing to go and make the sale.

To deliver the best results our teams are highly trained and extremely service orientated. They are prepped to be the best.  Each one is the ultimate salesperson and sophisticated marketer. They have to tailor their pitch to what they think will appeal to the person before them.  A one- size- fits- all approach is unlikely to yield results.

Yes, there are different forms of field sales techniques that one can use but the end objective is the same:  To get consumers to be willing to purchase the product/service you are offering.

Some of the approaches to field sales can include:

Cold Calling

Over the years certain tactics used for cold calling have earned it a bad reputation accompanied by much criticism. However, the industry has moved on and, with policies such as GDPR that ensure that there are stringent regulations to prevent any misuse of information it is not only highly regulated but extremely effective. Done well, it educates, and in many instances provides an opportunity for consumers to save money.

The field sales team’s challenge is to build an immediate rapport with the customer and get them to confess certain pain points, even if the consumer is reluctant to do so. The personable approach and the positioning of the product or service to meet the consumer requirements is most certainly marketing, and being able to close the deal, is sales. But one cannot thrive without the other.

Knocking on Doors

Although the term is self-explanatory what is perhaps less evident is the practice of persistence and being able to adapt to the changing customers’ needs. They need to be determined to find a way to connect with the customer and then have the skill to swiftly yet unassumingly influence your prospect. This is a highly personalised approach that delivers time and again. Field sales teams often having to face the elements knocking on doors in Ireland also requires a healthy dose of resilience and a good umbrella.

Field Sales and Marketing

An effective field sales operation is the culmination of a good marketing strategy overlaid with an effective sales plan and thorough training. It requires that our field teams are able to seamlessly weave these skills together to deliver results. There is not a clear line where one starts and the other ends; it is fluidity that makes it work. Yes, it is sales, but it is also marketing. Any questions please contact Gavin Spencer – today.