FMI Contact Centre provides digital means to re-energise B2B sales

There is a lot about our own business that we have learnt in the last month. One of the key revelations about this period is that there is no time like the present. Gone are the days of deferring the agenda of business transformation and growth, particularly on the use of digital to grow your business. The need for business to change can be both urgent and daunting. However, the ability to pivot your B2B sales process to embrace a more digital approach, can be swift and simple.

When looking at B2B sales we know that buyers engage with multiple content touch points online, they are increasingly technically savvy and comfortable engaging via digital channels and want the freedom to engage via the channel that best suits them.

Integrating the facility of a contact centre with digital information enables you to guide the users through an omnichannel customer-centric strategy that will deliver growth. The notion of a contact centre is a lot more technical and integrated than first assumptions suggest.  At FMI our Contact Centre operates the Genesys Pure Cloud platform which has enabled all our staff to seamlessly switch to working remotely during this period, and importantly, it gives us access to Alto Cloud. Alto Cloud can be added to any website and, in essence, it provides predictive analytics on user behaviour online. It tracks the customers journey as they move through the website, identifying pain points and ultimately helps drive the customer towards the correct content.

So, for example, if you are running digital lead generation campaigns on Google Ads or LinkedIn, when the user lands on your website, the Alto Cloud AI provides predictive analytics that lets you follow the user’s journey and then anticipates when to offer agent support to the customer who is browsing the site .

The timeliness of this refined approach adds to the overall user experience by identifying and engaging with the prospective customer at the right time using the best channel, whether this is live chat, instant messaging or simply making a phone call to speak to an agent. This final step is the crucial missing element from a traditional digital lead generated.
The ability to engage and interact with the customer when they are at their most interested is the best chance of closing the sale.

The technology utilised by our contact center allow a seamless integration between both ourselves, the client and our clients customers. One of the biggest fears when faced with the prospect of outsourcing any part of one’s business is the perceived lack of control, “what if the agent doesn’t know the correct answer, what if …!” Our systems give you easy access to the information you need in order to make decisions, as well as complete control over every interaction. You can dial in and live listen to calls, interact with agents in real time through our integrated messaging platform. Every call is tracked and recorded, we can measure any marketing activity or changes to the marketplace etc. You enjoy increased level of control. For the arrangement to work the owner must feel they can confidently delegate the process to us.

We believe that outsourcing provides benefits to businesses and organizations whatever the size. Business processes have economies of scale, and when there are only a few transactions the cost of outsourcing a process may appear high – though the benefits such as freeing up time to deal with sales and service issues may still make the cost worthwhile.
This proactive approach will go a long way to re-energise your B2B sales approach. Get in touch with us today and we can set up a digital lead generation campaign for you.