FMI Electric Ireland sales conference Jan 2020

Jan 20, 2020


The annual Electric Ireland sales conference held at Croke Park was kicked off by Nicola de Beer, MD of FMI. She reminded the sales teams of the quote by Scott Cook: “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is, it’s what consumers tell each other it is.” It’s a timely reminder as FMI enter their 9th year partnering with Electric Ireland. Over the last decade a huge amount of change has shaped the sector from a regulatory and competitive perspective. The changes continue into the new decade as consumers’ attitudes shift to a focus on a more sustainable, environmentally friendly future of energy consumption.

The challenge of our time.
Increasingly consumers understand that their purchasing decisions can have a significant impact on the environment. Odran Casey, Product Champion from Electric Ireland, confirmed that 88% of consumers in Ireland believe the earth is getting warmer. The problem is obvious, but the solution is far less clear. Electric Ireland, through their suite of market leading energy efficient products, aims to help guide consumers to make more effective energy choices. For those customers who are eager to actively participate in positive environmental change, Electric Ireland offers energy efficient rewards. To date the energy efficient rewards from Electric Ireland has given €23.9m back to customers, which is an average of €420 reward per customer. According to Mr Casey, the energy saved from their products could have powered 1200 homes.

Working collectively for the customer experience.

The successful 9-year partnership between Electric Ireland and FMI is built on years of hard work, tangible results and trust. The FMI field sales team plays a crucial role representing the Electric Ireland brand, they are trained to listen, empathise, advise and offer solutions to customers face to face. They aim to educate the customer on the ease of switching electricity providers in a manner that is both factual but simple for the customer to understand.


The FMI team have the responsibility to execute the Electric Ireland sales strategies, while maximising upsell opportunities and identifying the potential for appropriate cross sell prospects. Price is no longer the biggest differentiator. The sales team understands the market and the importance of remaining compliant. They know the competitor offering and are trained to effectively deliver the key differentiators of the Electric Ireland Brand in an authentic way that converts customers.

Training for excellence.
The afternoon period of the sales conference involved a bespoke training session delivered by the FMI Learning and Development Team to challenge and inspire the sales teams to meet the targets set by Electric Ireland. The training allows the teams to understand their strengths and weaknesses better and helps them to realise how they can tailor their approach to deliver results. They unpack the nuances, challenges and potential solutions for the different audiences of both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The training is essential to ensure that the teams continue to grow and evolve their approach to deliver consistent results and brand growth.

Brighter Together.
The new TV commercial from Electric Ireland that launched on Christmas Day, taps into the emotive feeling of community, connectivity and togetherness. Their aspirational strap line “Brighter Together” is not only a reflection of their strategy for 2020 but inspires the FMI sales team to work hard to deliver the ambitious targets set for 2020 together.