FMI: FIND. MANAGE. INFLUENCE- Launching a brand new image

Oct 7, 2020

FMI has been part of the Irish business landscape for the last 25 years and during this time the business has seen many changes and has managed to grow and evolve with the times.

FMI is well-established and have worked tirelessly to carve out a hard-earned reputation for being a result orientated agency in Ireland. We have worked, and currently work with well-loved brands, and the quality and consistency of the work done has earned us trust and respect from our clients.

But this does not mean that we are complacent.

In 2019 we launched the new FMI Contact Centre, which added a new dynamic element to our in-person service offering and gave us the ability to reach and engage with customers through the channel that best suits them.

Despite the chaos that Covid unleashed on everyone’s lives, it did give us an incredible opportunity to reflect on our journey and to unpack our raison d’être in line with the trends that are shaping our world. We set out to redefine our Vision, to reconsider our Mission, and to flesh out our Value Proposition.

In this process we challenged ourselves to think beyond the typical titles used in field marketing and beyond the expectations of what others have come to expect from us. We realised that moving away from the categorisation of Field Management allows us to broaden our service to a solution- led approach as opposed to a service category approach.


Find, Manage, Influence, will not only be the words that make up the acronym FMI, it will embody our approach, our way of selling and working that can be adapted for each of the services we offer.



the best opportunity, people, insights and exposure for our clients.


all the complex and difficult aspects of a successful campaign.


by knowing how and what to leverage in order to deliver the results and drive performance.

At our core, FMI is a sales performance agency with exceptional market knowledge and strong industry relationships. We continually challenge ourselves to deliver the best results through data driven insights, upskilling and training our people and by accessing customers through the channel that is most likely to convert to secure market share for our clients.

The success of our campaigns is measured by our teams’ performance and tangible results. We aim to utilise all our capabilities to deliver ROI and meet the KPI’s set by our client partners. We acknowledge that consumers want an omni-channel experience, and we aim to engage with, and convert consumers, both on and offline.

The focus for FMI will always be to help our clients grow their business. We will use all our capabilities and our focus on people, data and service to achieve this.

The Smarter Way to Sell

Positioning FMI as The smarter way to sell, supports our new vision and suggests that through data, insights and the right combination of knowledge, experience, people, training and technology that we offer a superior way of selling.

To visually communicate this, we chose to use abstract shapes that reflect “data” to create a stage on which to place relevant service-line imagery. The clean, symmetrical shapes also convey a sense of order and structure. Each service offering image reflects the, ‘WHY FMI?’ through verbal indications and icons.

Our new strategy and brand image have given us a renewed sense of purpose and determination to challenge each other to be better and to work together to effectively navigate a time where technology and consumer interest and behaviour are hard to predict.

Our focus is on delivering the insights and results that will best help grow our clients’ business.