FMI win Outsourced Partnership of the Year in the 2021 CCMA Awards

Hailed by the adjudicators as a relationship built on openness and transparency, the collaboration between FMI and Electric Ireland took the gong for outsource partnership of the year 2021 at the Irish Customer Contact and Shared Services Awards.

Since 2018, this partnership has grown and is centered on acquiring and retaining Electric Ireland customers in a highly competitive market. FMI, situated in Dundrum, employs just over 40 people for the Electric Ireland contract. The number of employees in the FMI Contact Centre continues to grow as a result of the effective implementation of new projects. FMI employs over 1,000 people across the island of Ireland.

“Aside from exceeding pre-agreed key performance metrics, one of our biggest differentiators is our investment in technology and the amount of time and effort we, as a business, put into developing data driven insights,” said Majella Flynn, operations manager at FMI. “The ability to drive real-time information and insights across campaigns has proven crucial to our business and given Electric Ireland a strong competitive advantage. The quality of insights delivered, helps aid the launch of new products and marketing campaigns,” she explained.

FMI also provide a completely transparent service, with Electric Ireland having live access to our systems and KPI’s. “The Electric Ireland team are able to listen in on calls as they occur. The client team spends at least one day per month on-site with the FMI team, engaging in side-by-side listening and hosting round table discussions to gain a deeper understanding of what customers are saying and what offers they would want to see, “she added.

“For example, at the start of the campaign, we realised that we were losing a small percentage of calls every week due to customers being frustrated with the IVR system. After a detailed analysis, we made modifications to improve the customer interaction by reducing IVR routing time from one minute 37 seconds to 57 seconds,” Flynn added. “We managed to enhance the overall messaging by changing it to a more informative interaction. This led to the customer being more educated once they spoke to agent,” she said.

A key differentiator for our business, is the focus on data driven insights and building strong collaborative partnerships with our clients that are founded on honesty, transparency and trust, highlighted Nicola De Beer, managing director, FMI.

According to De Beer, the relationship between FMI and Electric Ireland has evolved significantly during the length of the contract. The two organisations collaborate to uncover opportunities for development and improvement. “As a result, there is seamless interaction on the customer journey and the customer feels as though they are communicating with Electric Ireland rather than an outsourced partner.”  This is evident from the monthly customer satisfaction score for FMI which averages at an impressive 98.6% year to date.

FMI uses two primary systems: Genesys PureCloud which manages all customer interactions and the BXP CRM solution which gathers detailed insights on every call.

“The systems are omni-channel so we can manage multiple touch points of engagement for a client while relaying all relevant information back in real-time. The system is fully customisable and allows us to tailor the CRM system to specific client requirements that may vary across industry and service type such as inbound and outbound sales and customer service. Anywhere there is an interaction between the customer and an agent in the contact centre, FMI can easily access and analyse the data to deliver the insights that really add value for our clients,” Flynn said.

As an Irish owned business with its own recruitment and training teams, FMI’s flexibility allows us to work with a wide variety of client partners from small enterprises to large blue chip industry leaders, De Beer said. “We are all about harnessing people, technology and data,” she said.