How to select in-store demonstrator agencies

Jan 14, 2019

The tussle about how to decide on hiring an in-store demonstrator agency is often (a) weighed up carefully to ensure that not only does the agency have the skills and expertise to implement the demonstrations but that they are also able to deliver the commercial objectives. For consumer brands where  sales is a primary objective, working with a skilled and experienced in-store demonstrator agency is vital in achieving the commercial targets set for the company.

The Target Group Index figure suggests that 41% of shoppers who see a product demonstration in-store will go on to buy the product from that particular store. Product demonstrations can also include, among other things, product sampling, which is increasingly becoming a normal part of the shopping experience, particularly  used for new products when trying to raise brand awareness.

Creative Flare

The creative concept for the in-store demonstrations is crucial in garnering consumers’ attention to entice them to try the product or to explore further. Piiqueing their curiosity is the first step to a potential purchase. As they say, you only get one opportunity to make a first impression. Find an agency who is comfortable challenging the norms and willing to find new creative solutions that will resonate with your target audience.

Expert Execution

Translating an idea from paper into practice, in a refined and polished manner, takes a huge amount of organisational logistics to coordinate and manage. The more experience the agency team have in facilitating the in-store demonstrations the more adept they will be at overcoming potential hurdles and pitfalls. You are also looking for an agency that has relationships with retailers so that they can negotiate with retailers for positions in the store with the highest foot fall.

Talking the talk

Having the right staff who are well trained and briefed on how to engage with consumers is the last but most significant component to ensure that the in-store demonstrations deliver commercial results. People still buy from people.  These are the people who are representing your brand, you want them to be better than good. Agencies have access to databases of skilled sales people across the country. They allow you to scale up and down as demand dictates without the burden of having to deal with the administration of employing people part time.

Reporting results

All the work that agencies do should be thoroughly reported on. Understanding the reporting procedure that the agency offers is important in order to align with the objectives of the campaign and of the business. Frequency and metrics are important to define when objectives are set at the start of the campaign.

Being specific about what your requirements are will help distill the process of selecting an agency. Choosing the agency team that you feel you could best work with and the one which best matches your culture and values as a brand, is a good foundation from where to start. Frequent conversations about what is working and what requires improvement helps address issues early and quickly resolves small issues before they escalate.

FMI is the in-store demonstration agency for many global brands in Ireland. If you want to discuss how we could work to make your in-store demonstrations deliver commercial results, give our team a call on 01 496 3399.