What makes Field Marketing Fabulous

Aug 26, 2019

Field Marketing has long been relied upon as the trusted front line for brands looking to engage personally and directly with consumers. It’s the personification of brands; the product sampling, the in-store demonstration, the customer service, and the data that is fed back to make the amendments required to continually meet the changing, diverse and often unpredictable consumer demands.

As far as marketing goes, Field Marketing is unique as it’s a blend of both push and pull. It is responsible for driving brand awareness and sales through on-site, face-to-face interaction with consumers. Field marketers are the liaisons between buyers and sellers, as they provide valuable information about products and services to consumers and also facilitate the customer service.

While your typical fast moving consumer goods businesses have long made use of the skills of field marketing agencies to deliver the brand experience, the less consumer-focused sectors now see the appeal. Along with digital, the brand experiences continue to transform, pushing innovative boundaries and in so doing, creating an appetite for Field Marketing beyond the traditional consumer sectors. Having an engaging, informed person on the ground, who is able to create opportunities, is appealing to any business.

There are a few trademark features that differentiate the brilliant Field Marketing agencies from the rest.

Training and Development

By the very nature of the varied, personal and trusted role field marketing agencies have, the training of their staff is the cornerstone of what their success is built on.

To ensure that the teams have the sales skills, the detailed knowledge of the client’s product or services, and for them to be able to deliver it with firm conviction only happens consistently if you have your own in-house training facilities to ensure that all staff have access to the best possible trainers. At FMI, we have a superb team of professional in-house trainers who ensure that the teams are prepped and prepared to deliver to their highest potential.

Operational Excellence

The operational challenge of delivering multiple high spec experiential campaigns, managing teams across various locations, and dealing with the odd unforeseen crisis, is considered run of the mill for Field Marketing agencies. The personnel are required to be organised, solutions-orientated, and resourceful; it is all in a day’s work. The tight deadlines and the responsibility of delivering high quality work is what pulls the team together. When selecting an agency to act on behalf of your company, choose the people you would most like to work with. It will help make these kinds of challenges a lot more bearable.

Detailed Reporting

Field Marketing has always been able to track the direct response from the investment made. Digital has allowed this to become quicker, easier and more accurate than ever before. Embracing the use of technology in the field that allows for real-time reporting just brings the whole engagement to life. We understand that business moves fast and that our clients are often pulled in numerous directions, and sometimes also, are situated in different geographical locations. At FMI, the technology we use allows our clients to login and access real-time reports from anywhere in the world.

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