Getting brands into the hands, homes and hearts of Irish consumers!

Nov 6, 2020

This week FMI are delighted to announce the launch of our new direct to consumer business model sending tailored boxes of samples direct to consumer homes to try before you buy. 73% of Irish consumers say they have changed their shopping behaviour as a direct result of Covid-19, making it incredibly difficult to launch a new product to market. Dwell times in stores are also reduced and customers are shopping by habit and from a list rather than browsing down an aisles. By engaging with consumers in the comfort and safety of their own home, brands are creating a positive lasting impression and consumers have the opportunity to interact with new and different brands.

The demand for consumers attention and spend has also never been greater. Social ads and television ads are becoming easier to bypass, making it harder for brands to grow awareness and drive conversion. By placing products directly into consumers’ home, brands are guiding the path to purchase.

A major advantage of Sample It over other similar services, is the detailed registration process which enables segmentation based on their individual’s preferences. For consumers it means that they get to try products that are complimentary to their diet and lifestyle without having to purchase the products first. For brands this means that their products get into the hands of their target consumers and to gather their honest feedback and reviews. This detailed segmentation and reporting provides brands with tremendous insights and feedback from their intended target audience.

All consumers who receive a box will be required to complete a detailed survey that will form part of the comprehensive brand report giving companies key insights into the Irish market and any patterns or trends within the customer profiles or subsets. All clients involved in a Sample It campaign, will also be supported by monthly social media posts on both Facebook and Instagram.

If your product is not suitable for postage, you can avail of a coupon/leaflet only campaign and an online competition to drive brand awareness.

For more information to book your product into a box get in touch today!
Get into the hands, home and hearts of Irish consumers!