On a call with Scott Maher

FMI provide a multitude of business services, and sometimes we are fortunate enough to find individuals who are able to seamlessly pivot, adapt and grow their expertise and skills across the breadth of the business without skipping a beat. One such individual is Scott Maher, our Senior Team Manager in our Contact Centre.

How did you come to start at FMI?
I started at FMI in October 2010 on a trial campaign for Board Gais “Big switch campaign”. The campaign ran for 3 months, and after that I moved into door sales for 2 years. After 2 years in the field, I was appointed as an account executive in head office doing the data processing for Electric Ireland. Gradually, I took on more responsibility and my role grew to take on the handling of the reporting, queries, and client complaints for Electric Ireland. In 2018, FMI opened the Contact Centre and won the Electric Ireland Contact Centre account. Because I had a thorough understanding about the client, I moved into the Contact Centre to help run the centre and manage the team. As the contact centre has begun to grow, so have my responsibilities and now nearly two years in I am the Senior Team Manager, a role which has helped me gain confidence, learn more about people management, and has taught me to challenge myself more.

What is your current role?
My actual day to day role is very varied. I manage the day to day activities for a diverse team who do inbound and outbound acquisition campaigns as well as customer retention, we also manage account processing for some of our client base. I also run the complaints and account queries desk. Many of our clients have very strict guidelines around compliance, so ensuring that everything we do on behalf of our clients is done within these parameters is important. We manage this through a variety of activities such as weekly reporting, one to one coaching call evaluations and calibrations. I’m lucky that I have a lot of access to the clients, so managing our KPI’s and the client’s expectations is made much easier.

What’s the best part of your job?
Generally, no two days are the same so I have to say I like the variety and challenge of working in the Contact Centre. This experience has allowed me to learn so much, and I am continually learning from the people around me. The technology we use plays a big role in what we have managed to accomplish. It is easy to use and extremely effective and Genesys provide us with great support. The team are also incredibly supportive, everyone is willing to get stuck in and help. And now with the COVID-19 pandemic, the team have been tremendous in their response and great at getting on with the task at hand and continuing to deliver for our clients.

What the hardest part of your job?
It can be challenging to always deliver against client’s expectations but, that said, I do like to be challenged and I enjoy the feeling of reward from hard work done. Managing a team of diverse individuals can also be challenging, especially now that we are all working remotely, but the team have all really come together and have delivered above and beyond our expectations. To be honest, my commute to work also used to be challenging, but that’s no longer a problem in the current situation 😊.

Why do you enjoy working at FMI?
For me, I think I like the culture of the working environment and the people. I have been fortunate to work with and be managed by some incredible people. I have always felt amazingly well supported by colleagues and management alike. I have met some lovely people from a variety of different backgrounds and cultures, and I have really enjoyed learning different sides of the business; that has kept me challenged and motivated.