New Year, New Job

Jan 29, 2018

The new job resolution

The New Year starts with such promise, 365 days that have the unlimited potential to be filled with new and exciting opportunities. Certain that this year will be a good year, and to support our optimism, we make New Year’s resolutions of how we intend to better ourselves for the year ahead. Resolutions can be anything you choose, but frequent favorites include losing weight, getting fit and finding a new job.

It is estimated that over half the workforce start the New Year with the intention of finding a new job. That is a huge number of people to compete with, but thankfully, come mid-January most people have broken their New Year’s resolution.

If finding a new job was your New Year’s resolution, here is how we can help keep you on track.

Know what you are looking for

It is good to define what it is that you are looking for. Understanding the key motivators for your job search will help narrow down your search. What are you hoping to gain from this new job that your current job does not offer? Are you looking for a better work-life balance, more money, more recognition and opportunity? Or, are you tired of the monotony of your day to day and you are looking for a job that makes you excited about your day ahead? Whatever the reasons, write them down and refer back to them throughout your job search.

Know your worth

Looking for a new job requires unwavering confidence in your own ability. While we know that this is easier said than done, it’s good to look at your skills and experience objectively. Look at how you could add value to a job, based on the skills and experience you currently have. Think about how your skills can translate into different industries and sectors. If you are confident about your abilities, others will be too.

Get organised

Now that you know what you are looking for and you have outlined your skill set, update your CV and LinkedIn profile to best reflect this. Draft a strong covering letter that you can custom for each job application. Start looking for jobs that interest you.


Before applying to jobs, thoroughly research the companies that you are looking to apply to. Go on their website, look at reviews on Glassdoor, read their social media profiles. This will give you a good understanding of what they do and most importantly what their company culture is. Companies are looking for candidates with the right skills, but equally they want someone who will effortlessly fit into their organization.

Prepare and practice

If you get the call to go in for an interview, no matter how clichéd it may sound, rehearse answers to interview questions. Get a partner or friend to do a mock interview with you so that you get used to answering the questions, and provide examples of your successes. Once you are ready for the interview, make sure you plan the outfit that you intend wearing to make the best possible impression, remember first impressions count.

Finding the right new job can take some time so don’t lose enthusiasm. Each interview is a learning opportunity that takes you one step closer to securing that dream job.

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