Achieving greater collaboration in sales teams

May 1, 2018

Sales can be very individual, the competitive, performance based aspect of the role can foster a very singular mentality. While the power of teams is well known, collaboration by sales teams achieve an even higher level of success. Sales collaboration is one of those elusive terms in that while it is easy to understand, it is exceptionally hard to implement well, as it happens organically when individuals and teams show a willingness to work together inspired by a single vision.

Collaboration can happen across various business units and comes in different forms. Teams may collaborate by sharing information, some on an ad hoc basis, and some in a more formal structured way. While some teams may do this naturally, as teams grow beyond 20 people, the tendency to collaborate naturally decreases. To avoid this, how do you nurture a culture of collaboration with your sales teams?

Aligning your strengths
Team members are likely to feel the most engaged and motivated when they feel they have something to contribute. When team members respect each other and what each individual brings to the table a healthy working environment is created. All members of the team are aligned and inspired to achieve the objective.

Purposeful conversations
Effective communication is critical to successful collaboration. Teams need to be motivated and inspired to perform their best. How this is communicated unites them in a common interest and they then share common goals.

Conflict Resolutions
Being able to effectively convey what is working and what requires improvement enables teams to stay on track. Finding productive and creative solutions to issues that arise can be far more effective than allocating blame. Effective conflict resolution helps all members of the team to stay engaged and motivated.

Strengthening collaboration amongst your sales teams requires investment into establishing strong individual relationships that build trust. Promoting a culture of respect for individuals, along with clear communication and a productive approach to problem solving, forges opportunities for effective teamwork. Collaboration brings about a cohesiveness that increases productivity, saves time and increases sales.

Team collaboration is a huge part of our culture in FMI. Whilst our priority is sales our teams come first as they are responsible for delivering the sales. So whether it’s a game of table tennis, darts, team lunch, football on Saturdays, charity events such as #IGBF fun run or #RunintheDark, we take part together. Together Everyone Achieves More, that’s collaboration! If you have any Sales queries please contact Gavin Spencer at