Why all employees need to know how to sell

Jul 30, 2018

In a competitive business market with multiple customer touch points, having all employees feeling empowered to sell will increase sales, create security, opportunity and stability that benefits everyone.  But how can you get there if there is a resistance by non-sales people to embrace sales?

We have been mulling this question over this for some time and we have narrowed it down to two fundamentals of selling. Typically non-sales people resist selling as they fear rejection. By putting themselves in a position where they could be rejected, pushes them beyond their comfort zone.  So how can we frame sales in such a way that allows your employees to stay within their comfort zones and dissolve any fear of rejection?

By framing we mean positioning. Positioning sales rather as recommending than selling. Ask your employees to make recommendations to customers as though they would to a friend. They share their insights and give feedback on a product or service on social media all the time, so why not to our customers?

As social beings we are naturally influenced by what other people like or do. Social Psychologists call it “social proofing”. It is the reason we tend to ask our waitress what they would recommend from the menu. We assume they can share some insights with us that could help guide our choice. Our customers are no different.

By empowering your staff to recommend products or services to your customers, you automatically put them in a stronger position where they are more likely to make a sale. Not only are they more confident because they can authentically convey the reason why they would recommend the product,  they are also more likely to  start a relationship with the customer which builds loyalty and delivers high levels of customer service.

Encouraging them to make recommendations to your customers is the biggest step to helping them overcome the resistance to selling. We would still recommend, however, that you provide sales training for your staff so that they are able to recognise the sales opportunities and feel confident recommending the best solution for the client, giving your non-sales staff the confidence to start selling and to act in a supporting role to your sales teams.

All employees need to make the connection between their role and sales in the company, as the survival of companies depend on the sale of their products or services.  So, if you can help your employees to find a way to contribute to selling that still allows them to fulfill their specified role in the business, while linking that role to include a contribution to sales by a process of advice and recommendation, and which does not put them out of their comfort zone, they are more likely to excel and your business will flourish.

FMI have dedicated outsourced sales teams, we are highly skilled at both selling and teaching staff how to sell. Get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help train your staff so they feel empowered to be able to confidently sell. Call Gavin Spencer today to discuss your sales needs further – 01 496 3399 or email gavin.spencer@fmi.ie.