The benefits of Visual Merchandising is plain to see

Apr 11, 2019

Visual merchandising is one of those terms that seems quite self-explanatory. Visual merchandising implies the visual display of goods. And while that is technically correct, it’s a broad, all-inclusive term that encompasses so much more than just the visual display. Increasingly, visual merchandising is aimed at delighting all five of our senses. Yes, it can be just about the graphic display stand, but it can also be about building the atmosphere instore. The music, the lights, the strategic position of the displays instore or in the store windows all make up the art of visual merchandising. It is a highly creative, fun process which challenges the visual merchandisers to constantly think of new ways to enthral consumers senses.

How to use visual merchandising in retail

There are numerous ways to use visual merchandising creatively in retail. Visual merchandising incorporates anything to do with how a product is displayed. This could include point of purchase displays, the creative use of mannequins, using seasonal or event themed displays, interactive window displays and everything in-between. The objective is to create displays that capture the attention of the consumer. So whether this is something as simple but effective as a creative shelf displays; or grand and elaborate creations like the all-singing all-dancing Christmas window displays, the objective remains the same:  To draw the consumers attention to the product on offer and drive sales.

Typically, visual merchandisers will consider what the latest fashion trends are or what seasonal events they can piggyback off and aim to find unique and different ways to add interest to their displays.

 The benefits of Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising creates a focal point and enhances the consumers experience instore with the intention of motivating the consumer towards making a purchase. Customers value unique experience and are likely to create an affinity for a brand or product whose display resonated with them.

Visual displays creates a point of difference and places a spotlight on a product/ brand which separates it from the rest. This can be extremely effective for brands that struggling with sales.

The innovative use of space can make a shop feel bigger. Using clever designs and interesting displays encourages customers back to the store.

 What do visual merchandisers do?

Visual merchandisers are story tellers, they help set the scene that conveys the brand message. They use their creative thinking and design skills to create distinction which helps promote the products and services to engage customers and drive sales.

 Why work with a visual merchandising agency

Working with an agency who has experience delivering visual merchandising displays will certainly be beneficial as you will not only get the experience and expertise from the team but you gain their years of trial and error knowledge. They are experts and they are accustomed to delivering high quality displays to ensure that the products are presented and positioned in the best possible way.

Visual merchandising provides a creative escapism for the consumer, where they can see the product from a new perspective. If you have thought about visual merchandising but have not been too sure where to start, give our team a call to discuss our requirements, we will definitely have some creative ideas to creatively tell your story.