The personalised value of data driven insights

Access to data and analytics as a form of reporting is no longer exclusive to large corporations with deep pockets.

Data can come from a variety of sources, and at FMI we have multiple systems we use across various services that capture the relevant data for our clients, which feed into our monthly reports. The focus is always on the quality of the data captured, as this has a correlative influence on the quality of the insights garnered.

As a customer conversion agency, FMI uses data to track campaign performance and deliver strategic insights for all our clients in a timely manner. One such service, which provides a huge amount of insight for our clients, is our Customer Call Centre.

Through the technology used in our Contact Centre we are able to capture a significant amount of data, not only from the systems, but also through our agents; such as the speed to answer, the average talk time, the geo-location of calls, the level of conversion, which product or offering is working well,  as well as the customer retention rate. Due to the flexibility of the service we are able to capture additional data that our clients require which can feed directly into the CRM system.  Building personalised profiles combined with the analytics from the systems gives us a solid starting point in delivering a highly personalised customer experience.

With brands offering an increasingly omni-channel solution, the customer’s journey is never linear. Understanding the data enables you to adapt your marketing message to influence the sales and retention process at the most critical point of the individual customer journey. The insights gained from our Contact Centre have enabled our clients to revise their strategies in order to improve conversions and to pre-empt any issues that may cause problems with retention.

The true value of data comes from the story it tells over time. The data, overlaid with human analysis and logical insights, is what truly drives business intelligence. Tracking progress over 3, 6, 12 month periods enables trends to emerge and provides an additional layer of insights you do not get from short term analysis.

Along with all the benefits of data, there is also a high level of responsibility that comes with managing and securing data. The FMI compliance team play a critical role in ensuring that our processes and procedures of our IT systems and cloud-based solutions adhere to the highest levels of GDPR for our clients.  Adhering to data protection is business critical as the commercial consequences of breaching data protection can be crippling.

At FMI we are focused on delivering a smarter way to sell. Get in touch today to discuss how we could help your business.