What is more important than Sales Skills?

May 9, 2019

It’s only natural to want to want to read a quick list of the top ten sales skills needed to be an excellent sales person. A lists that will have all the usual pointers and a reminder of some of the ones we may have forgotten about. A list that is a mental check list to make us feel pretty confident that we are on the right track with the odd reminder to make us feel that we have actually learnt something new.

But, trying to define a definitive list of sales skills required for success is a futile task.  The list would need to be adapted depending on multiple variables such as the sector you work in, and your experience, amongst others.  There are hundreds of articles with variant summaries of this definitive list which include:

  • Active listening
  • Good communication
  • Building trust
  • Being adaptable
  • Resilience
  • Product knowledge
  • Closing techniques

But essentially these are all versions of the same.

The truth is that like any challenging career, skills need to be continually developed. Sales requires both hard and soft skills, all of which can be learnt to some degree or another and aren’t reflective of how you manage your sales process. You will know which ones you need to work on. It will be different for everyone.

There is however one thing that underpins our desire to sharpen our sales skills. It is a strong, unrelenting passion for making a sale. If you love the buzz, the feeling of accomplishment, the pure satisfaction and pleasure of closing a deal then sales is definitely for you. If it excites, motivates and encourages you to want to be better, then that energy is the power that fuels passion.

So how do we encourage and cultivate a passion? It is not a big grand gesture but rather numerous little moments of choice. Choosing to try something new, choosing to take a risk, to challenge ourselves beyond our comfort zones. Choosing to learn something new or reframe our perspective.   Passion can be cultivated in the small gestures that remind us why we love what we do, which then fuels us to do more. Malcolm Gladwell famously said that it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. That’s 417 days. That’s a very long time if it feels like hard work. However, if you are fuelled by passion for what you are learning, you will lose count of the hours.

At FMI we are only too aware that the need to master sales skills requires passion, that’s why we have dynamic sales trainers who are truly passionate about sales.  Their knowledge and teaching skills helps improve our team’s sales sills but it is their enthusiasm and passion that is truly infectious. If you want to know how to cultivate sales skills with passion get in touch with our team today. Contact Gavin Spencer for any new sales queries you may have on 01 496 3399.