Customer Service Call Centre

With over 25 years’ experience in the sales and marketing arena, and driven by our focus on always putting the customer first, we are serious about transforming how it is we can help you engage with your customer. Our people have developed a strong reputation for delivering consistent sales performance for our clients, supported by our excellent staff and best in class, customer-focused, technology systems.

FMI Contact Centre specialise in targeted outbound campaigns that place trained salespeople directly in contact with decision makers, which ensures that we deliver a return on investment for our client partners. Our service includes Inbound Sales Campaigns, Outbound Sales Campaigns, Customer Service and Retention Campaigns as well as effective Digital Marketing Campaigns.

We understand that every business is different, so when you chose us as your partner, we work with you to deliver a customised solution that is unique to your business. Working with you, we will help build a customer experience strategy that reflects the consumer market of today, while making sure that the interactions we undertake on your behalf are seamless, professional and tailored to match the uniqueness of your business.

The FMI Omni-channel Offer

We have had the opportunity to work with some amazing clients over the last 25 years and we’ve watched how the changes in technology have shaped the interaction lifecycle of a customer. Through listening, understanding and adapting our ways of working we have a deep understanding of customers and how they want to engage via the channel that best suits them. Which is why our customer service solution is omni- channel in delivery and is designed to seamlessly and effectively support any business to achieve their goals, whether this is in the field of new sales, customer retention or customer support. Your CX how you want it!

We’re more than just your standard contact centre. We don’t just answer and make calls on your behalf, we can also support you through:

  • Webchat; Live and Automated
  • Website Analytics and Support
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns

We have built strong, empathetic sales and customer service teams who are skilled at quickly building personal rapport with customers and are in a position to offer flexible, live solutions to allow for quick and effective customer engagement, so that queries are resolved on first contact. We also offer an overflow capability, where clients can avail of FMI’s expertise at peak times, while ensuring seamless customer interaction.

FMI Powered by Genesys Cloud

In a rapidly evolving marketplace, great customer experience is as much to do with technology as it has to do with people, which is why we chose to partner with Genesys Cloud.

The Cloud platform allows FMI to custom design various processes and systems, depending on client’s specific requirements, such as inbound and outbound calls, call routing IVR , email, chat, social media, messaging, screen share, self-service options, workforce optimization, analytics, and a simplified manner in which to integrate other business systems.

The system is web-based and is fully scalable, which means that if required, we can move quickly to address any increases in customer volume requirements; and as it is web-based, our teams can work remotely, to render assistance. Our systems also allow clients easy access to the information you need in order to make decisions, as well as to have complete oversight of the agent interactions. You can dial in and live- listen to calls and interact with agents in real time through our integrated messaging platform. Every call is tracked and recorded. We can also measure any marketing activity or changes to the marketplace.

In 2020, Genesys released the Altocloud platform as part of their existing Cloud operating system. Genesys Altocloud is a customer journey analytics platform that analyses all kinds of customer journey behaviours and data sets. It can be used to observe and analyse visitors’ behaviour on a client’s digital properties, such as on clients’ websites, for example. Genesys Altocloud can then, on the basis of probability, predict what it will take for visitors to the site to achieve a desirable business outcome for their client, and then act to offer them the most appropriate and effective channel to assist them in completing their journey. Furthermore, it has applications across all online consumer buying journeys.

Altocloud allows us to identify customer pain points quickly so as to convert any engagement into a positive experience and thereby increase lifetime customer value. We believe that this is the next step in AI evolution of online, customer- centric sales and are proud to offer this service offering to our client partners.

Reporting and Insights

We understand the importance of real-time information which is why we capture a 360-degree view of interactions across all your channels and we use the insights from this data to help drive your sales or retention strategy.

Our teams are experts in delivering clear and intuitive analysis of each customer interaction through whichever channel you may choose. This allows you, the customer, to retain full control of the data, thereby giving you the opportunity to redefine, reshape and anticipate customers’ needs and/ or behaviours in real-time, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing consumer churn.

Why FMI?


We believe in People Power; we believe that while our technology makes our life easier, it is the people that we employ that make the true difference. Delivering a first in class service to your customer is down to each interaction and how that is delivered, which is why we spend a significant amount of time with each new team member before they go live on any campaign. Through the technology and data analysis our team find insights and opportunities that drive market growth.


FMI manage all elements of running a successful contact centre campaign which includes training, data, and compliance. Economies of scale are achieved though harnessing all of FMI’s HO functions such as HR, Finance and Purchasing. The workload and scope are not dependent on any other external support functions and so change requests can be made at any moment. FMI offer an agile approach combined with fully predictable costs and budget control. FMI manages campaigns that cover multichannel customer touchpoints that build trust with customers and deliver results for our client partners.


We offer a dedicated model approach to outsourcing, making us an advantageous choice for long-term cooperation.
The benefits of such a relationship include, but are not limited to:

  • Having a loyal team with whom clients are able to establish long term working relationships and rules of engagement, as they do with their own teams.
  • The fact that when dedicated team members work for some time with a client, they develop a profound understanding of the brand and of the client’s expectations.
  • Having team cohesion and stability that delivers excellent customer service levels and sales results.

FMI is an incredibly process-driven organisation and believes totally that all work we carry out on behalf of our client partners should be completely measurable and geared towards driving efficiencies wherever possible.
We are fully accredited for ISO9001 Quality Management Systems and ISO27001 Information Security Management Systems, and we have a dedicated Compliance Team within the business, whose sole function is to implement, monitor, update, and ensure compliance to various procedural requirements across all areas of the business.

If you are looking for a team to talk on your behalf, talk to the experts in customer service today – we pride ourselves on building relationships, providing invaluable insights, and delivering results in a cost effective and timely manner. Contact us today at and find out how FMI can deliver a first class, customer focused programme for you!

Clients availing of our customer service support centre include: