Market Research & Auditing

Market research and frequent retail audits provide invaluable insights into your market segment, your target audience, and how your brand and service is perceived in the marketplace. Effective research delivers unique customer insights that drives brand performance. Auditing your service  and core KPI’s ensure that your brand  execution at store level  is of the standard to deliver real value versus your competitors.

If you are looking to asses and improve your customer experience by benchmarking your company’s customer service against the highest industry standards, or looking to gather information about your customers’ needs and preferences, FMI are able to deliver invaluable insights from our multi-channel research and auditing team, which helps drive business growth.

Mystery Shopping

Working closely with our client partners we tailor mystery shopping programmes that give the best possible insight into all of your customer touch points. Whether face-to-face in-person mystery shopping in the retail sector, telephonic enquiries into public sector, or overnight insights in the hospitality sector, we can tailor a programme to suit your needs.

FMI work with a mystery shopping panel of over 2,000+ shoppers, which allows us to match individual customer profiles to our shopper panel to ensure our clients get the best possible insight at all times.

Our programmes allow for the rewarding of exceptional customer service as well as proactively highlighting areas for improvement. FMI offers several different shopping options including:

  • In-store mystery shopping
  • Online ordering and home delivery
  • Email enquiries
  • Telephone enquiries
  • Audio and video recorded mystery shopping

We have vast experience in developing mystery shopping programmes across a number of industries including retail, automotive, consumer electronics, financial services, hospitality, restaurant, and utility sectors.

Retail Auditing

As the Irish retail space continues to change and evolve, suppliers and retailers alike require more and more insight into what is actively taking place at the point of purchase on a regular basis.

FMI are the market leaders in Irish retail auditing and work with the largest retailers and suppliers in the country to deliver a tailored auditing solution that provides up-to-date, actionable insight based on the client partner’s requirements.

Whether delivering weekly category information for an FMCG supplier across multiple channels or complete line of sight to a retailer of their entire estate, FMI’s auditing team continuously provide key metrics that our clients can build long term business plans around.

FMI provides each client with bespoke reports which directly highlight key findings and recommendations based on market research. This allows clients to action any issues identified, and ultimately, to drive performance in-store.

Typical core areas covered within the retail auditing remit include:

• Product Availability Auditing
• Promotional Compliance Auditing
• Planogram Compliance Auditing
• Competitor Price Auditing
• POS Placement Auditing
• Store Standards Auditing
• Fixture & Installation Auditing

POS compliance

Regulations around Point of Sale can have sudden and subtle changes. FMI compliance teams are trained to have meticulous attention to detail and to provide peace of mind for brands and retailers alike to ensure that they are always compliant with the latest regulations.

Field Research

With extensive sector knowledge and excellent local market knowledge, we are able to create research questionnaires and gather insights, in person or online, throughout Ireland. Our teams are experts at collating this research and extracting valuable insights that are used to help shape brand strategies.

Clients availing of our mystery shopping services include:

Why FMI?


FMI have extensive experience and market knowledge in conducting quality research throughout Ireland. We have an extensive database along with key people nationwide to execute the research and auditing programmes. FMI teams are expert at analysing the research to benchmark brands and extract strategic meaningful insights that drive sales.


We are experienced at setting up and managing all the complexities associated with auditing and research campaigns, which include the recruitment and training of staff, logistics, data collection, and analysis of data.


The quality of reporting and strategic insights gained from the research and audits help drive strategic insights and decision making that influences sales and business growth. We are constantly focused on delivering ROI for our client partners.

Contact us today at and find out how FMI can deliver a first class research and auditing for you!