Product Demonstrations

In a highly competitive retail space, being able to increase awareness and engagement through brand experience is critical to cut through the noise and to gain customers’ hard-won attention.

Offering Online/Offline product demonstrations is now the most effective strategy to reach new customers. It affords customers the opportunity to learn and interact with brands creating strong brand awareness, building customer loyalty and is ultimately proven to drives sales.

In-store Product Sampling

FMI specialise in producing and implementing highly effective in-store sampling by creating a compelling customer experience that brings your brand and products to life. Our experience across a multitude of industries including FMCG, Consumer Electronics, Drinks & Premium Luxury means we know how to create in-store theatre for your brand!

Where FMI differs from our competitors is in our people – we look to understand your brand DNA so that we can then select the best staff from our nationwide database to best represent your product. We work closely with our field supervisors to ensure that all of our demonstration teams are trained in the most appropriate selling techniques, that they are familiar with all relevant in-store processes and will work in accordance with the latest health and safety regulations.

Our teams are trained to be proactive in approaching and engaging with customers around the products they are representing in-store, ensuring that they provide a positive experience for the customer.

Online Demonstrations

In a retail world where over 80% of customers now carry out online research prior to purchase, brands increasingly want to offer seamless brand engagement to their customers regardless of the channel touchpoint they interact in. Our experienced brand ambassadors excel in demonstrating the functionality and product benefits in short online videos for customers to watch in-store or from the comfort of their own homes.

These short informative videos pre-empt the questions and queries consumers may have before making their purchases. Hosted by knowledgeable brand ambassadors they provide a level of inspiration and reassurance customers are looking for before they invest in high value items such as consumer electronics.

The videos are accessible in-store and/or on retailer’s websites.

Sample It

Sample It is a box filled with new and exciting samples sent to 5,000 households around Ireland for customers to enjoy in the comfort of their own home! Coupons/leaflets and competitions can also be included within the Sample It box to further drive conversion within your selected retailers giving your sample additional impact at store level.

Get into the hands, homes and hearts of Irish consumers!

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Why use FMI


Due to our reputation, client list, experience and expertise we are able to quickly find and train enthusiastic sales-focused staff who are matched to the brand they are representing. We have staff nationwide who are skilled at finding the right opportunity to effectively promote your brand and who are experts at engaging customers both in-store and online. Also, through our engagement with shoppers we find the customer insights that help drive conversion and deliver brand value.


We are able to effectively manage all elements of successful product demonstrations campaigns including all training, logistics, customisable branding options as well as filming and in-store-support. A nationwide team of field supervisors always ensures consistency of standards at all times. Our teams offer a scalable and flexible solution to meet your brand needs.


Through brand knowledge and sales training, our teams are able to quickly identify opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell, to engage with customers, and to positively influence the customer brand journey in such a way that it delivers results. Our long-standing relationships with key store personnel means, we are also able to secure additional buy-in at individual store level to further deliver excellent results.

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Clients availing of our product demonstration services include: