Mystery Shopper

If you are looking to improve your customer experience by benchmarking your company’s customer service against the highest industry standards, look no further than FMI! We pride ourselves in providing invaluable insights from our Mystery Shopper service that deliver results in a cost effective timely manner.

Our culture is built on the highest standards of service & unwavering attention to detail as we believe the most important interaction is the one between a company and its customer.

Whether face to face undercover instore mystery shopping in the retail sector, telephonic enquiries into public service or overnight insight in the hospitality sector, FMI offers a multi-channel mystery shopping service allowing our clients full line of sight on all of their customer touchpoints.

We work closely with our client partners to tailor a mystery shopping programme that allows them to focus on their core customer experience. With a mystery shopping panel of 2,000+ shoppers, we can match individual customer profiles to our shopper panel to ensure our clients get the best possible insight at all times.

Our programmes allow for the rewarding of exceptional customer service as well as proactively highlighting areas for improvement. FMI offers a number of different shopping types including:

  • Instore mystery shopping
  • Online ordering & home delivery
  • Email enquiries
  • Telephone enquiries
  • Audio & video recorded mystery shopping

We have vast experience in developing mystery shopping programmes across a number of industries including retail, automotive, consumer electronics, financial services, hospitality, restaurant and utility sectors.

Contact Gavin today at and find out how FMI can deliver a first class, customer focused programme for you!

Clients availing of our mystery shopping services include:
Topaz, Electric Ireland, Eddie Rockets, Bus Eireann, Virgin Media, Argos, Lifestyle Sports, Falcon Holidays , Woodies , House of Fraser, Dalata Hotel Group.

Retail Auditing

As the Irish retail space continues to change and evolve, suppliers & retailers alike require more and more insight into what is actively taking place on a regular basis at the point of purchase.
FMI are the market leaders in Irish retail auditing and work with the largest retailers and suppliers in the country to deliver up to date, actionable insight that is entirely bespoke to the client partner’s requirements.

Whether delivering weekly category information for an FMCG supplier across multiple retail channels or complete line of sight to a retailer of their entire estate, FMI’s auditing team continuously provide key metrics that our clients can build long term business plans around.

FMI work closely with our client partners to develop a tailored auditing solution to ensure that each client receives bespoke reports which highlight key findings & recommendations.  This then allows them to action any issues identified and ultimately drive performance in store.

Typical core areas covered within the retail auditing remit include:

  • Product Availability Auditing
  • Promotional Compliance Auditing
  • Planogram Compliance Auditing
  • Competitor Price Auditing
  • POS Placement Auditing
  • Store Standards Auditing
  • Fixture & Installation Auditing

The FMI Retail Auditing Team are trained with a unique skill set and clearly briefed to ensure that we deliver clear and concise information that allows for qualitative and quantitative analysis. They will also liaise directly with store personnel on areas of non-compliance and will proactively work with individual retail outlets to drive improvements wherever possible.

Where your long term business plans require a precise and methodical approach to detailing what is taking place at store level, speak to Gavin at and learn how FMI can help develop a long term programme that will aid your overall business requirements.

Clients availing of our retail auditing services include:
Topaz, Musgraves, Keelings, Mondelez (Cadburys Ireland).